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The WeSkill project will be realised in close cooperation between 18 partners from 8 EU Member countries – Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Serbia and Slovenia. The partner consortium represents all key wellness and spa tourism sectoral stakeholders in full relevance to the project topic – 8 VET providers providing vocational trainings (EQF 4 level) in the sector (BG, FR, GR, IT, LV, SR and SI); 5 national employers’ organisations from the sector (BG, GR, IT, LV and SR); 2 regional employers’ organization (FR and a regional Chamber of commerce and industry representing large number of companies from the sector); 2 national qualification authorities (LV and SI), 1 worldwide sectoral umbrella organization (FEMTEC) and a technical partner with significant expertise in development of internet based teaching/learning solutions (NL). All participating in the project organizations have been selected as partner based on: • Coherence of the project aims and goals with development strategies of the organization • Expertise, current activities and previous experiences in the field • Knowledge and use of methodologies on which the project is focused (including good practices) • Potential and means for dissemination and exploitation of project results 5 from the organisations are also currently collaborating under other on-going sector related project (described in section 0.4. Involvement in previous projects) highly relevant to the WeSkill project. The project’s partners contacted and identified 29 associated partners (4 in each project country and 1 at EU level). The type of the associated partners’ follows completely the consortia structure (VET providers, sectoral employers’ organisations, qualification authorities) and in addition - from each participating country a big company from the sector is involved (please, refer to the “Lot 1, 2: Associated partners” section). The concrete role of the associated partners in the project implementation is defined in the WPs descriptions as separate sub-section.

Data : 03/2021

Nome Cliente : Federturismo Confindustria

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